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Hi Mary To answer your first question…yes, the door has been cleaned and I also wiped over the picture frame glass several times prior to photographing it.

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Buy Vintage Necklaces Online at Enchantment. We offer signed necklaces as well as unsigned beauties in top condition. Free shipping worldwide, Overnight Shipping

Traditional Glass Eyes specially crafted for dolls and teddy bears. Hand Glass Craft are makers of glass doll eyes and glass teddy bear eyes. Glass Paperweight eyes

Hi there…I just discovered your site and LOVED my first view…I am so blessed to have multiple vintage purple glass pieces because it was left to me by my Darling

Cut a piece of ribbon about 5″ long and thread it through the hole in the tag, then tie onto the stem of the egg pedestal. Trim the ends.

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Glass eyes for whitetail, fish, birds, big and small game. Premium quality glass eyes from McKenzie Taxidermy Supply.

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In costume jewelry, glass is an umbrella term covering everything from beads to crystals to rhinestones. Though it is most often associated with beads, the material

Buy Fenton pitchers at discount prices. Find new and vintage art glass pitchers by Fenton for your collection.

An educational page showing various collectible clothing button types including uniform, clear and colored glass, black glass, Goodyear rubber, hard rubber, gutta

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The Westmoreland Glass Company grew out of the Specialty Glass Company of East Liverpool, Ohio, which, in 1889, relocated to Gville, Pennsylvania, to take

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